Fendt 209P problems. North America

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I bought this tractor Fendt 209P from a dealer in North America, Michigan. The tractor was used in the orchards for about 8 years. The tractor has about 80 hp of power take-off. I fitted him a Quickie FEL. I’ve used it to cut hay, load 4×5 round bales, rake, and finish mowing. The cabin is fine for me, but it might be cramped for some. The speed is 40kph / 24mph but I have been going as fast as 26mph. When I bought it, it had peculiar problem with the rear lift arms. It took me 6 months to correct it. The hydraulic valve was bad. The tractor has a lot of bells and whistles that can be nice but can also cause problems. I have also had problems with the fuel gauge, the 4WD sensor and the air conditioning. But if everything works, it can be a fun tractor to drive, it’s fast, and it’s the main reason I bought it, as I have to travel quite a bit on the road. It’s fast, which is the main reason I bought it, as I have to travel quite a bit by road. Also, AGCO’s email service is the worst. You cannot speak to someone for technical help. Fendt 209P North America problems its you have to go through the dealership service and then they email the experts. Lots of comings and goings with no solutions.

Fendt 209P North America problems 2

In my opinion.

  • Pros: 40km / h, Deutz engine, air-cooled, 65-inch width, PTO RPM sensor.
  • Cons: Reliability of all bells and whistles, AGCO service, dealer 200 miles away.

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