Fendt 209 Vario problems and opinions

Fendt 209 Vario problems and opinions Problems

This spring we had a Fendt 209 Vario on demonstration and I, like the other guys on the farm, was very impressed with it … The only annoying thing we could find was the relatively high noise level in the cab (heck, we’re getting used to it from our two NH TM190s anyway> :() However, I’ve always considered Fendt tractors to be the Rolls Royce of tractors, but I haven’t had any experience with the tractor to build it … So I’d like someone to give me some common tractor problems ( Fendt Vario) … What I mean is that we think the Range Command transmission on the NH 60 series is a common problem with them, as we have two 8560s, which have had two timing changes … I hope my question is clear enough, that some of you will take your time to help me figure out whether or not Fendt is the “best” tractor of all ….

Fendt 209 Vario opinions

As for common issues with Fendt 209 Vario, the first one that comes to mind is AGCO. We have a 926 and two 818s. I must admit I haven’t noticed the noise in the cab, but I haven’t driven any other make of tractor in years. We have not had any major common problems with the 818s, other than having to recalibrate one of them twice because it was not reaching 50km on the road.

Hmm … what about AGCO as a Fendt 209 Vario probles? Well, anyway we realized that there was a considerably higher noise level on our two NH TM190s (with suspended cab!) Compared to our old NH 8560 (without suspension!) … and we also came to the conclusion that there was quite a lot of noise in the Fendt also compared to the old 8560 …. Anyway – I could easily get used to the Vario transmission and the TMS! Especially when working with a combination of front and rear mowers … At the ends of the field, the TM190’s PowerCommand transmission is a very annoying gear change. (Also, I think the Fendt headland management system is more useful than the system NH has built into the TM series. It can only control the transmission, engine rpm and the 3-point hitch – not the hydraulic valves. Not that useful, when you already have control of the 3-point hitch with your right thumb in conjunction with the gearshift … But again thanks for the responses.

Well in my opinion, it seems that Fendt 209 made some mistakes only in the last 15 years: In the Fendt 309-311 between 1989-1992 (??) they used a poor quality bearing. The problem was solved when they hired another bearing supplier. B-series MWM engines, used in the latest 600 and 300 series, and all 500 series, tend to burst head gaskets, due to a machining error of the block. A specialized company rectified the block and solved the problem of the joints in most of the Fendts that circulate in this area, but the vario: The contractor where my brother works has a 411 Vario. He had a new engine after 50 hours, due to a production error, he was absolutely gutsy. The engine they got under warranty was still outperformed by a 307 3 cylinder turbo. I have heard of 700 series tractors taking few hours (also with 2013 series Deutz engines) to bend the crankshafts. (I don’t have any reference to later built 2013 series engines so I can’t tell if there was a common problem (maybe just a lot of incidents) or, if this problem has now been cured. Personally I would like to ( a lot) prefer the MAN engine in the 900 series over the Deutz in the 400, 700 and 800 series.About Rolls Royce, Rolls just played a safer game, and bought a license for an old Buick engine.

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