Fendt 209 S manual gearbox problem

Fendt 209 S manual gearbox problem Problems

I have a 2007 Fendt farmer 209S tractor, a manual gearbox, I have had it for a year and since I bought it, there is a problem with it when it lights up white, sometimes with more gray smoke. Smoke comes out when starting a hot engine. When the tractor is stopped all night, it starts it up in the morning without any smoke. The engine does not smoke during operation and under extreme loads. The oil filter and engine oil have been changed. The injection nozzles have been replaced because in two of them there was no clearance or valve adjustment. Engine with designation BF4L914. I will add that sometimes it is as if you cannot feel the power in him. During the use of the same for a period of one year, there were four situations that after turning off when it worked for a dozen hours, you could not turn it on, the starter would turn, but as if there was no fuel after waiting 15 minutes, you can turn it on, I don’t know if it is related to the problem above.

Fendt 209 S manual gearbox

Check and change or clean the crankcase ventilation filter, the so-called vapors. The bank is stuck. After 4 years, the new tractor was stuck and there was pressure under the pistons, which are broken, causing a decrease in power with increased fuel consumption. The effects of a stuck pneumothorax can damage all engine components. The oil does not evaporate, everything heats up. Each 4sów has a different disease would die under the guarantee of going to church only. The reasons for this are the board or the head. Can you see the white substance with the footrest? Lose or add liquid or oil? White smoke can occur with baptized fuel (like recently in my area) short trips (not the time to evaporate the moisture from the oil)

White, gray, blue smoke. Black is for a rich mix, or hopper injection. White (but as white as mist / water vapor) means burning water. The first three smoke colors mentioned represent burnt oil, disconnect the pipe between the turbocharger and the engine (because I have not seen the intercooler in the technical data) and check if it is liquid oil.

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