ECU on Fendt 209?

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What is your opinion and experiences in “chipping” a Fendt 920 to increase to 926 horsepower?

ECU on Fendt 209 how do it

A farmer here in the area chipped his fendt 922 or 924 upto 300 to pull a hard horsh. So i dont think chippin that 60 hp would damage the tractor too much.

They told me that the only real difference on these tractors is the engine control module, and the decal they put on the side of the tractor. Oh yeah and the cost. If your va new you can void your warranty by adding a chip. However, some dealerships will chip your tractor and continue to guarantee the machine. It happened to a friend of mine, who wanted a 933, the dealer swore that a 930 was all he needed, it turns out they were wrong, so the chip supplied and everyone is now happy.

I have installed plug-in modules or ‘chips’ in these tractors with good results, however reprogramming the ecm would be a good option for you too. You can have your ecm reprogrammed to deliver horsepower equivilant to a larger tractor in that class and you are using the same programming methods as the manufacturer. A good ecm reprogramming can be designed for your specific application rather than a module that is designed to work well in a variety of applications. This is not to say that a module from a reputable company will not work well for you, I just think that reprogramming is an option you should consider.

It’s never nice to hear someone have that kind of problem with a tractor, whether it’s related to the addition of a “chip” or not. All I can advise anyone considering or wanting to add a module or reprogram the ecm is to do their research and deal with a reputable company that has a history of satisfied customers. There are a lot of companies out there making poor quality and performance modules as well as tuners doing ecm reprogramming which shouldn’t be. If you are dealing with a reputable company and staying within the safe limits of a machine you should have no problems.

The cooling package has been greatly improved on that 900 generation so maintaining the correct temperature should be easier.

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