Fendt 209

Fendt 209 S

Fendt 209 Tractor have many types.

The 209 S Vario 4WD tractor model is manufactured by Fendt.

This 4×4 tractor is built to provide up to 70kW or 93 horsepower, delivered by its powerful k.A. engine. to the 209 S Vario machine of 3.95t. This Fendt 4×4 tractor belongs to the mid-size machine segment in the 4×4 tractor category. The size of the 209 S Vario is 2.17m x 4.068m x 2.53m.

A distinctive feature of Fendt tractors is the transmission (vario), which allows smooth transition from one stage to another without losing power.The equipment manufacturer presents the following range of heavy equipment models:

  • Fendt 209
  • Fendt Favorit 926 Vario
  • Fendt 930
  • Fendt 933
  • Fendt 936 Vario
  • Fendt 1000 Vario
  • Fendt 1050 Vario

The traktor is equipped and sold with Cab. Front PTO, air conditioning and front hydraulics are not provided on this model as of 2017. More detailed specifications and machine descriptions are available in the original Fendt 209 S Vario data sheet. Problems during operation and tractor breakdowns – you can see in a separate section of the site.

Fendt 209

Fendt 209 S Vario
  • Fendt 209 Vario
  • Fendt 209 P
  • Fendt Farmer 209
  • Fendt 209 Vario TMS
  • Fendt 209 S3 Vario TMS
  • Fendt 209 PA


Fendt 209 S TMS

With the 209 Vario series, Fendt offers compactness, productivity and efficiency of use on a new scale. Now you can also benefit from Vario technology in the segment of tractors with a maximum output of 70 to 110 hp. The Fendt 200S Vario is the first compact series tractor with continuous transmission, characterized by maximum cost-effectiveness, modern equipment and easy handling. Thanks to a completely new design, the 209 Vario tractor offers you unique skill and driving comfort.

Driving and working comfort superior to those of a heavy vehicle. The intelligent 3-in-1 system guarantees maximum driving comfort and ease of use: self-leveling and lockable front axle suspension, mechanical cab suspension and active shock load stabilization. In this way, the front axle has a uniform load, constant contact with the ground, and steering control is maintained. Together with the sensitive Fendt Reaction steering for safe work in a straight line, the Fendt 209 S Vario offers truck-like handling and working comfort.

Until recently, the 209 Vario S models were known as simple tractors that left the toughest jobs to their high-powered brethren. This has changed. The new armrest and the FendtONE transform the 200 models into intelligent machines and give them almost all the same specifications of the powerful machines

Equip the tractor for rail guidance and the Fendt Guide app. Optional – Choice of different receivers (NovAtel or Trimble). Fendt contour assistant. Fendt TI Auto

Attention to detail makes the difference. A special feature of the Fendt 209 Vario is the vertical handle on the rear window, which allows you to open and close the window from the comfort of your seat.

Fendt 209 PA
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